Hans Smit Name:Hans Smit
Birth: 28-10-1961
City: Vleuten
Nationality: Dutch
Number of Dakars: Second
Target: Finish


“For me it feels like racing in F1 of rally-raid”

Dakar for an offroad rider is like racing in F1 for a racecar driver. Like for so many people, racing the Dakar is a dream come true for Hans Smit. As the owner of a motorcycle shop, Smit lives and breathes motorcycles every day. After several years of riding smaller rally-raids, last year the moment was there to make the next step.

“For me it feels like I'm racing in the F1 of rally-raid. Every offroad rider dreams of competing in such an event. So I'm really proud to be one of those competitors. My only goal is to get to the finish. Last year my Dakar ended in the second week due to dehydration and exhaustion after a crash in the first week. I was close, but I learned small mistakes can have big consequences in Dakar. I used this experience to change my preparation and training and I believe this can (will) make the difference for the 2017 Dakar. With HT Rally Raid I'm part of a very experienced team, which will help me a lot. I still have the illusion I can make it to the finish, now it's up to me to make this reality."

Want to know more about Hans? Check out the following social media links:
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MVM-Motoren-266757130051172
• Official athlete’s website: http://www.hans-smit-dakar.nl