Aleksandr Ivanyutin Name:Aleksandr Ivanyutin
Birth: 02-02-1982
City: Moscow
Nationality: Russia
Number of Dakars: First
Target: Finish


Aleksandr was born and raised in Moscow, in a sporting family, his mother is a professional coach in rhythmic gymnastics and his father is the multiple motocross champion of the USSR and MSIC. Aleksandr started riding at the age of 13 and most people didn’t believe it was possible to start a professional career in motocross if you didn’t start early. But Aleksandr succeeded thanks to his great desire and his father’s huge experience.

Aleksandr is multiple time Russian Motocross Champion and prizewinner of various other international competitions. He didn’t only race offroad, he’s also been Russian Champion in the Superbikes.

Next to his own active career Aleksandr is also Anastasiya’s (Nifontova, earlier introduced) motocross coach. He will also support Anastasiya during the 2017 Dakar.

Aleksandr’s rally career started a few years ago after he won several Russian Cross Country Rallies. After that he wanted to take it to the next level: Dakar! For that he needed some more experience outside Russia. Last month he competed in the Atacama Rally in Chile, his first World Championship Rally, and with succes. He learned a lot about the official safety systems and navigation and finished without any major problems. Next month he will also compete in the Oilibya Rally in Morocco, to prepare in the best possible way for his 2017 Dakar.

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