Mart Meeru Name:Mart Meeru
Birth: 08-02-1977
City: Tartu
Nationality: Estonia
Number of Dakars: Third
Target: Finish Malle-moto class


Mart isn’t a rookie anymore. He competed with us in 2014 and 2015 and managed to finish both Dakars in a 40th and 38th position overall! His first Dakar he didn’t know what to expect, but already half way through he knew he wanted to come back.

During his 2nd Dakar he broke his left hand in the first week. We dind’t hear him complain and every time we asked ‘how’s your hand?’ He aswered “still broken”.

Mart started riding boosted mopeds in his younger years. But it didn’t take long before the mopeds turned into real bikes, jetskis and all other types of fast machines on dirt, water and snow.

Regarding Dakar: “I've been following the Dakar ever since I was a kid. I remember watching it on TV. For the last five years riding my bike, all I could think about was Dakar. It's a dream, my family and friends are the ones who always supported me and always pushed me to go for it. I finished 2014 and 2015 so Dakar is no longer a dream, now those 2 Dakars are great memories”.

This year Mart has chosen a new challenge. He will compete in the ‘malle-moto’ class. This means he’s on his own and has to do his own maintenance. Mart joined our team for the bike, parts and logistics before and after the Dakar (hotels, flights, information, mandatory safety and tracking systems, etc). We already know him for several years now, we know he can make it and wish him all the best!