CR Gittere Name:CR Gittere
Birth: 15-11-1972
City: Stanley
Nationality: America
Number of Dakars: Second
Target: Finish


 “Not so many riders have competed in so many disciplines”. Carroll Gittere isn't your average type Dakar rider. First of all because he's not the tallest of bikers (1m62) but also and mainly because his first passion was for circuit riding. “CR” is fast and has spent most of his riding career at over 200km/h. As Superbike specialist he competed twice in the legendary Isle of Man TT: close to 60kms of speed madness with its 250 turns. An exploit in itself, but so far from the deserts of the Dakar. Despite experiencing the Baja 1000 and 500, Gittere knows he's not a real dirt bike specialist and that's why, when accepted to the Dakar, he moved to Nevada in a camper van. Far from his hometown of Charlotte, the American has been “eating” sand and dunes and got used to the Husqvarna he'll be riding on the Dakar. His first attempt in 2016 was a huge learning experience (as it is for all rookies). Speed doesn’t bother him, the challenge is not to lose to much energy in the sand that burns all your energy. CR got sick and dehydrated on a day where we measured over 50 degrees temperature!

“Again, my only goal is to finish. I have no illusions on my placement. Quinn Cody (top 10 rider Dakar, 2011) told me not to race. He said I should just ride and understand what I'm doing right or wrong.”

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