Arjan Bos Name:Arjan Bos
Birth: 15-04-1976
City: Bergschenhoek
Nationality: Dutch
Number of Dakars: First
Target: Finish


How it all started: “Already on a very young age I started racing motocross. In that time the Dakar was stil in Africa and every moment I had I was checking the news or television, to follow and see what was going on, who was winning and how Jan de Rooy was doing.

At the age of 16 I went with a friend to america to travel around and seek adventure on the west cost. After finishing school at the age of 18 I went to Canada for six month’s to live and work independent. Back home I started to work in our family business, which is a greenhouse speciallized in growing bell peppers, and started my own greenhouse company at the age of 22.

In all those years I never gave up motocross and enduro. In 2014, after several years of thinking about entering the Dakar, I made the decision to explore my possiblities.

By asking other Dutch Dakar riders what the best way of starting this journey would be, I came into contact with HT Rally raid. Together with them we created a two year plan to make sure I got the best possible preparation for the 2017 Dakar. I started doing roadbook trips and after a while we decided to enter a real World Championship FIM rally to learn all the concepts of rally riding and navigation. In 2015 I started ánd finished the Sardegna rally race and in 2016 I did the same at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challange. After finishing both rallies without any big issius and speaking with Henk / HT Rally Raid, we were all confident that my prepration toward Dakar is good and I’m ready for the next big step: Dakar 2017.

Regarding my goal, that’s very simple, I want to finish, nothing more and nothing less.”

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