Max Hunt Name:Max Hunt
Birth: 28-02-1983
City: London
Nationality: English
Number of Dakars: 1
Target: Finishing as high as possible


Born in London 1983 and already a competitive sportsman from a very young age.
Max’s motorcycle career started at the age of 10, but by then he also already had a love for water as he became ‘British under 13 water-ski champion’.

Max is very keen on extreme sports, holding a helicopter pilot license and he regularly goes skydiving, paramotoring or wingsuit Base jumping. And his love for water still exsists as he is currently also on the British Wake-boarding team.

But now, back to the bikes… Max started roadracing before he started to go ‘off road’. He raced ‘stock 600’, ‘supersport’ and ‘superbike cup’. From 2012 onwards we finally find him on the ‘dirt’, competing at the Lucas Oil Regionals off road and in 2014 he combined the tarmaq with the dirt when he raced supermoto.

Last years his Dakar plans became stronger and stronger and this year he started gaining experience rapidly by riding 3 rallies in Morocco; the Tuareg Rally, the Libya rally and the Merzouga rally. Most important; he started all, he finished all. And with the finish of the Merzouga rally he got his ticket for Dakar! Max is not the only one in his family whit the ‘Dakar virus’. Max’s broter Harry already competed (and finished) twice in the car category in Dakar (last year with MINI). Last year, Max already finished the Dakar, and this year he takes his wife and 3 month old son to see him finishing again.

Want to know more about Max? Check out the following social media links:
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/max.hunt.12
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMadMax37